GRADUATION NEWS: A copy of the 2015 Scripps Ranch High School Graduation Report is posted inside the Registrar’s Office     NEW SCHOOL VIDEO: Watch the new Welcome Falcon video, it's "What makes Scripps Ranch High School so Special"  

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Summer Mailing

Click here to see the summer mailing that was sent out in early July.

*The following forms are included in this PDF:
- Health Information Exchange Consent
- Universal Signature Form

Work Permits

Click here for information on how to obtain a work permit over the summer!

Class of 2016 Graduation Photos

diFranco Photography will take pictures of each senior as he/she receives a diploma. diFranco Photography will provide each senior and their families with information on how to place an order. Orders are optional. Contact information for the graduation photographer is at www.diFrancophoto.com or call (858) 472-6929.

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