Principal's Message Scripps Ranch Civic Association Newsletter

SRCA February 2015 Newsletter

As we begin the second semester of the school year, there are many important items and events on the horizon.  First and foremost, seniors must continue their rigor in school as keeping up the second semester grades is important for final college acceptance.  Graduation is right around the corner and grades, citizenship and overall school attendance must remain at satisfactory and above to be eligible for senior activities.  Detailed information regarding senior activities has been mailed to homes and is posted on the school webpage.

Our underclassmen will begin to focus on their course selections for the next school year.   Counselors will provide students with information about the articulation process.  It is imperative that both students and parents are cognizant of the fact that courses selected at this time will dictate the number of classes offered in a particular course for the coming school year.  Therefore, courses offered next year are based on the class choice requests students make during spring articulation.   During this process, the counselors and students determine whether they are prepared, ready, and willing to commit to the classes they identify.  It is essential students pick a schedule that is appropriate for their skill level and overall time commitment between all classes and outside of school activities.   Counselors emphasize making commitments and finding solutions to difficult situations which prepare students for college and the real world, while building character and self-esteem. 

In February, counselors will make classroom presentations and then students will have the opportunity to select their courses using an articulation planning card.  To finalize class choice selections, parent signature and counselor approval will be required on this articulation card.  Some courses may require approval based on certain prerequisites for the course to be taken.  To assist you in choosing classes you may want to review the on-line SRHS Course Catalog and/or visit teacher websites which include course expectations.  We greatly appreciate your efforts in using the resources provided to pick a desirable schedule with your child. 

Parents and students from Marshall Middle School, along with other area schools, attended our “Falcon Night” in January where the impressive opportunities and activities that SRHS provides for students were shared.    

Our winter season athletic teams continue to perform at their best and we continually thank the parents and coaches for their support of our students.  It is encouraging to see our students demonstrate sportsmanship, character, and charisma as they compete. 

Congratulations to William Hang who has been selected from an initial pool of 102,600+ applicants as a Semifinalist in the Coca-Cola Scholars Program!  William will now continue through the selection process with an opportunity to receive a $20,000 scholarship.  We are so very proud of William!

The SRHS Foundation continues to work vigorously to help raise money for many of the academic, athletic and extracurricular activities that make our school continue to outshine the rest!  The “Taste of the Ranch” is making its final plans for the upcoming event which will be held on Friday, February 27, 2015, at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club.  Ticket information is available on our webpage.  We hope you will join us for an evening of fun, great food and auction items. 

We appreciate your supply donations and are encouraged as they continue to arrive at school.  Donations may be dropped off at our front office and may be directed towards the nurse, a specific teacher and/or specific department.   Several teachers have posted a wish list on their website.

Some upcoming dates for your calendar:

  • February 5                   College Presentation to Juniors @ 3-4:30 pm, Theater
  • February 6, 7               Talent Show @ 6:30-8:30 pm, Theater
  • February 7                   ASB Winter Semi-Formal @ 8-11 pm, San Diego Air and Space Museum
  • February 9                   Minimum Day
  • February 13, 16           School closed to observe President’s Birthdays
  • February 19                 ASB Winter Carnival @ Lunch, Quad
  • February 19                 Freshmen and Sophomore College Night @ 4-6 pm, theater
  • February 22-25            WASC (Western Accreditation of Schools & Colleges) Visiting Committee
  • February 27                 Taste of the Ranch @ 6:30-10 pm, Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club

Please check the webpage for all other school events at

Ann Menna, Principal